Who can use this feature?
Available to travelers on the Pana Business plan.


With just a minute of time spent adjusting your Concur settings, we will be able to automatically forward travel booking receipts to Concur, which can then be expensed with just a few clicks.

Your company will need to have the Concur ExpenseIt feature enabled in order for this integration to work.

Setting up Concur

Here are instructions on how to properly setup Concur in 7 simple steps:

  1. Ask your Pana Customer Success Manager to turn on the Concur integration.
  2. Visit your Concur account.
  3. Go to your Profile.
  4. Visit your Profile Settings.
  5. Click on Email Addresses.
  6. Go to Add An Email Address.
  7. Enter the email bookings+[first name][last name]@pana.com. So Jane Appleseed would enter, bookings+janeappleseed@pana.com.
  8. Click OK to the right of the address field.

When Pana submits a receipt

If you’ve added the unique Pana email as a secondary email for your Concur account, we’ll automatically forward receipts to Concur whenever a booking is made. You will see your receipts in Concur Expense, they will not appear in your ExpenseIt app.

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