It’s easy for you or anyone on your team to setup Expensify, so that the Pana travel team can automatically forward travel booking receipts to Expensify, which can then be expensed with just a few clicks.

Setting up Expensify

Here are instructions on how to properly setup Expensify in 6 simple steps:

1. Log into your Expensify account and click on your profile in the top right corner.

2. Click on the Personal Settings button in order to access your account settings.

3. Once in the account setting scroll down to the Add a Wingman section and enter the email

4. Change the access type from Full Access to Submit-Only so that your Travel team can submit receipts on your behalf.

5. Make sure that settings look the same as screen shot below and click Invite Wingman.

You’re done! Now if you scroll up to the Wingman: Delegated Access section you’ll see listed as a Wingman. Important: send a message to your Concierge team letting them know you’re done, and we will turn on automatic receipt forwarding for your account.

When Pana submits a receipt

If you’ve added your Pana travel team as a Wingman (see the steps above) and you've given Pana permission to submit receipts to Expensify on your behalf, we’ll automatically forward receipts to Expensify whenever a booking is made.

When you go into the receipts section of Expensify, you’ll see all of your unreported receipts including receipts for travel bookings made by Pana.

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