An expense might be rejected for a number of reasons:

  • The amount is incorrect: If the amount entered does not match the amount you are requesting reimbursement for, we will reject your receipt. Unless you are seeking partial reimbursement.
  • The date is incorrect: You must enter the date to match your receipt or bank statement. If your receipt says 12/1, but the money wasn't taken out of your account until 12/2, you must enter 12/1 to match the receipt.
  • There is no date listed on the receipt: Sometimes dates are not listed or visible on the receipt. This is a very important part of verifying your expenses so we will need to see a bank statement instead to confirm the date of purchase.
  • You selected the wrong expense type: If you select the expense type of "meals" and then submit a receipt for a bus ticket it will get rejected. You need to ensure you select the correct type to categorize your expense.
  • The receipt is unreadable: This can happen if a receipt was printed on carbon paper or perhaps handwritten. You can submit your bank statement instead for us to verify it.
  • The receipt is a duplicate: Easy mistake to make when submitting a multitude of expenses. If you happen to submit the same receipt twice, we will reject the duplicate.
  • Complied receipt: A tempting prospect, we know! We can't verify compiled receipts because they each have a different amount, date, and category that must be individually assigned. You can only submit 1 receipt per entry.

What To Do If An Expense is Rejected

If any of your expense requests have been denied, you'll receive a denial email with a link to your Reimbursement portal. From here, you'll be able to see why your expense was denied.

In many cases, you'll be able to add and resubmit your expense. Here are some common reasons your receipt might be rejected:

  • The date on the receipt does not match the date listed in the submission
  • The category selected does not match the category of purchase. ex: "Meals" was selected but the receipt shows "Parking"
  • Dollar amount submitted does not match dollar amount on the receipt*

*If you are submitting a different dollar amount than shown on your receipt for any reason please add a note to the "comment" section when you add your expense – for example, your meal bill was $80 but you met up with a friend for dinner, so you are only expensing your portion.

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