• Is your reimbursement platform secure?

Pana prides itself on our data security policies and standards. Only our Management Team has access to view your personal account information. If you'd like more details on our Data Retention policies you can view that here.

  • I have several receipts, can I submit them all at once?

All receipts have to be submitted separately with their individual details, so bulk submissions are not accepted by our system and will be denied.

  • Can I edit my receipt submission?

Once an expense has been submitted it can't be edited. If you made a mistake you can let us know and we will reject it. You will be responsible for resubmitting the expense correctly.

  • Can I change my payout method?

We offer reimbursement via check or bank transfer. Checks are only available if your address is in the US. If you decide you want to change from check to bank transfer or visa versa we may be able to assist. It depends on whether your payment has been initiated or your check has been mailed.

  • My bank charged a transfer fee

Unfortunately, we are unable to control whether or not your bank charges you a fee to receive our payment. If this does happen you will need to speak directly with your company to confirm if they will be willing to reimburse you for this fee.

  • What happens if 30 days have passed?

If the 30 days have elapsed we may be able to extend this for you, however, it is at the discretion of the company. You can message or email us if this happens and we'll confirm the next steps. Please note, that if we can extend your reimbursement window it can take up to 48 hours to process.

  • How can I check the bank details I entered?

If you are worried that you made a mistake and would like to verify what details you entered, please message or email us at hi@pana.com. Your account details are protected, which means our Travel Experience team can't view this information. A member of our Management Team will be required to handle this for you. Due to this, there may be a delay in confirming these details.

  • What can I do if I no longer have the receipt?

You can submit a screenshot of your bank statement to verify the date and amount you spent.

  • Can I change my bank account information?

If you decide you want to change the bank account that you entered you will need to email us at hi@pana.com. This can only be done if your receipts still have a "verifying" status. Once they have been verified your payment gets automatically queued for transfer and at this stage, it is highly likely your money has already been sent.

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