Our new and improved Guest Invite Form features a quick and easy way to invite guests who need reimbursements, but not travel. This is especially common when teams have local candidates coming in for an interview.

If your team uses reimbursements, page 1 of the Guest Invite Form will allow you to choose from Travel & Reimbursements (the default option), Reimbursements Only, and Travel Only. For guests who do not need travel, select the Reimbursements Only option.

On the next page, you'll be prompted to enter the first and last dates for which your guest can incur expenses – that is, the earliest and latest dates for which they are allowed to submit receipts. Your guest will only be allowed to submit receipts for dates within this range.

If your team has expense policies dependent on trip destination, you'll also be asked to enter a destination on this page.

Click continue and you'll land on the third page, where you'll have the chance to quickly review your guest's details before hitting the "Invite" button! Once your invite has been submitted, we'll reach out to your guest with a link to start submitting their expenses.

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