When a guest is invited to Pana you are prompted to specify a Group for the user. This selection informs the policy rules that should be observed for trips taken by this user. If your team does not have any Groups established, the company settings will be determined by the Default Group.

For each Group, you can specify one Travel Approver and a Reimbursement Approver to receive any Guest Approvals which are needed to support a guest's travel experience. If a specific user is not specified as the Travel/Budget or Reimbursement Approver we will default to contacting the Point of Contact on the trip to request the Guest Approvals.

A Travel/Budget Approver is typically responsible for requests related to policy exceptions or clarifications for Travel Expenses.

A Reimbursement Approver is typically responsible for requests related to the Reimbursement product.

The Point of Contact is a role which is specified on the Guest Invite Form when a trip is initially requested. The Point of Contact is typically responsible for generic requests for clarification on trip details (event timing, clarification of additional notes etc). They will also be the contact who receives a final confirmation that a trip is booked.

In the absence of an approver role for a Group, we will send approvals of that type to the Point of Contact for the trip. All admins from the company will also be able to view and take action on approvals from the Guest Approvals dashboard.

Please note that a user can only belong to one group at a time, submitting a subsequent invite with a different group will cause the Group to which the user belongs to change.

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