What happens if a guest makes a request which isn't covered by our standard policies?

When our Travel Experience team receives a request from a guest which isn't covered by your standard policy, we will reach out to the appropriate approver to seek approval for this request. This request can then be managed from the Guest Approvals dashboard.

All outstanding approval requests are found on the Guest Approvals dashboard, which can be accessed from the Approvals tab. This tab will be visible on the main navigation bar for any user with an Admin, Analyst, or Coordinator role.

Who can access and take action on approvals from the Guest Approvals Dashboard?

An Admin will be able to see all approval requests for their entire company. This provides them with the ability to oversee approvals and ensure that their team is processing the approvals in a timely manner. It also makes it easy to take over approvals for a colleague who is out of office temporarily.

A Coordinator or Analyst will only see outstanding approvals for which they've been assigned as the approver. In addition, the approver specified for the trip will be able to click through to View Trip details and begin a chat with Pana agents if they have further questions about the request.

At this time, only outstanding approval requests will be shown on the Guest Approvals dashboard. Once a request is resolved (either approved or denied) it will be removed automatically from the dashboard.

If I'm the designated approver, how will I be notified of these requests?

These approval requests are typically made via email and will always be presented in a similar format providing trip details, the request type, and the reason for the request. If the request is a policy override related to a new flight booking you should also see the applicable flight options attached to the email request.

These requests can be approved or denied from within the email, however, you will need to be logged in (or have logged in recently) to your Pana account in order to complete this action. If you would like to view additional information about this request or to start a chat with our Support team just click on "View Trip" to see this request in Pana.

While requests are typically sent via email, if the request is particularly urgent the approver may be sent an SMS in an attempt to receive immediate resolution. If you would like to put an Emergency policy in place for our team to reference in emergency situations, please reach out to support@pana.com or your Account Manager to learn more about what we could put in place.

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