With the introduction of our new Confirm Travel Needs feature, Pana can reach out to your guests to confirm what they need before we kick off booking their trips.

When this feature is turned on, this means that as a coordinator you can submit a Guest Invite Form even if you don't know what kind of travel your guest will need.

For coordinators, there's no change to filling out the form – just enter the traveler's details as normal, and we'll use your submission to understand what the guest is authorized to book.

Guests will receive a welcome email from Pana as soon as we receive your invitation. We'll advise them what they're authorized to book and ask them to confirm their selections. From here, we'll use their confirmation to start booking their trip!

This Confirm Travel Needs feature can be turned on on a per-customer basis. For more information about turning this on for your team, reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or support@pana.com.

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