Our new Optional Departure City feature enables you to submit the Guest Invite Form even when you don't know where your guest is traveling from.

When this feature is turned on, the origin city on page 2 of the Guest Invite Form will be marked as optional. Simply leave it blank, and we'll reach out to the guest to confirm their origin for you!

When this is left blank, you'll notice fewer details displayed in your summary view on page 3. This is because we need both the origin and departure locations to apply all of the policy rule options your team may have set up. You won't be able to edit or remove flights, view accommodation information, or review either your flight or accommodation budgets. We'll calculate all of these details as soon as soon as your guest confirms where they're coming from!

This Optional Departure City feature can be turned on on a per-customer basis. For more information about turning this on for your team, reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or support@pana.com.

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