Pana's new Bulk Invites feature allows you to initiate trips in bulk from your team dashboard. This feature is currently available on a per-customer basis. For more information about turning this on for your team, reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or

This article will detail required fields for your spreadsheet and highlight some frequently asked questions.

Required Fields

Our Bulk Invites feature accepts .csv and .tsv files with one record per row (that is, one trip per row). You can format your spreadsheet according to your preferences, but in order to ensure we have everything we need to book your trips, your spreadsheet should include the following columns:

  • Start date: The start date, or start date/start time of the meeting. We accept any valid date/time format. When the start time is not included, we'll set it to 9AM.
  • End date: The end date, or end date/end time of the meeting. We accept any valid date/time format. When the end time is not included, we'll set it to 4PM.
  • First name: Guest's first name
  • Last name: Guest's last name
  • Email address: Guest's email address
  • Phone number: The guest's phone number. Include it if you have it, but this field is not required.
  • Origin: The guest's starting location. If your team has the Optional Departure City feature turned on, this field is not required.
  • Destination: The meeting location. This could be an address or the name of the location.
  • Group: The group the guest should be assigned to in Pana. If your team doesn't have Groups set up or if this field is left empty, the guest will be assigned to the "Default" group.
  • Point of contact: The email address for the coordinator/admin on your team account who should serve as the primary POC for travel questions. This user must have a Pana account with your team. If this field is left empty, the email address of the user uploading the CSV will be used.
  • Trip type: Interview, Training, Event, Internship, Visit, Contract, Work Relocation
  • Custom fields: Any custom fields your team usually requires for guest invites will also be required here. Include a designated column for each custom field.
  • Notes: Not required, but you can use this field to communication additional information to our agent team about a trip.

You can adapt this sample CSV to your team's needs. Remember that any custom fields required by your team in Pana will need to be added as additional fields here.


Why doesn't the CSV require more travel details?
Our Bulk Invites feature will use your team's policy rules to identify what travel is required, which means you don't have to confirm what travel you're covering on your spreadsheet. That said, you can use a "Notes" field to communicate any specific requests we should know.

Does Bulk Invites support reimbursement-only trips?
No, Bulk Invites doesn't currently support reimbursement-only trips. You can use the Guest Invite Form to submit these trips individually.

How do I turn this feature on for my team?
We're glad you asked! Go ahead and reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or – they'd be happy to help you decide whether this feature is a good fit for your team.


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