Pana's new Bulk Invites feature allows you to initiate trips in bulk from your team dashboard. This feature is currently available on a per-customer basis. For more information about turning this on for your team, reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or

This article will walk you through how to submit your spreadsheet step-by-step. For more information about formatting your CSV (including a sample template), see this article.

1. To get started, go to the "Bulk Invites" tab of your dashboard and click the "Upload CSV" button.

2. Click the "Upload data from file" button and select your file. Bulk Invites supports .csv and .tsv files with one record per row (that is, one trip per row).

3. If prompted, confirm that your top row contains column names.

4. Match your data to our fields and values.

We'll attempt to auto-match your column names to fields in Pana. For specific values in your CSV, you'll be prompted to confirm the correct values in Pana.

Once you verify we've got it right, you can "confirm mapping" for each column. This means that the next time you upload a CSV with the same format, we'll remember where where to map both your fields and values!

Note that mapping is saved on a per-user basis, so if your teammate uploads a file separately, they'll also be asked to confirm mapping their first time.

If your column name doesn't match up exactly with your fields in Pana and can't be automatically matched, you'll see a warning. You can select the corresponding value from the dropdown menu or choose to ignore the column.

Specific values aren't auto-matched, so you'll see the same warning to confirm these. Use the dropdown to select the corresponding values. (After you confirm mapping, we'll remember how to match these next time!)

When you're ready to move on, click the "Review" button in the bottom-right corner.

5. Review your data.

On the next page, any values that were automatically formatted will be highlighted in yellow. Values with problems will be highlighted in red.

You can toggle on the "Only show rows with problems" and "Show modifications" options in the top-left corner to review only the rows that require your attention.

You can correct any values highlighted in red directly from this view – just hover to see the problem and click into the box to update.

When you're ready to submit, click the "Continue" button in the bottom-right corner!

5. You'll see a pop-up asking if you're ready to submit. If you're good to go, click "Yes!"

If there are any errors, we'll let you know so that you can go back and correct them.

You'll see a confirmation once your data has been submitted. From here, you're all set! Your trips are in good hands 🎉

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