What is a data retention policy?
Simply put, a data retention policy dictates when data should be removed, what data must be removed, and how data should be removed or stored. 

The process through which Pana removes this data is called obfuscation. This is when information is removed or scrambled so that it can no longer be identified, effectively removing the true information from our database.

Pana’s standard policy is to obfuscate all personally identifiable information (PII) related to users of a given company or team, one year from when that company’s contract with us has ended. Upon request, we are also able to obfuscate an individual user’s account, effectively removing their PII from our database.

If your company is interested in establishing a regular cadence for user data obfuscation, please get in touch with us at support@pana.com and we can discuss options for customizing the data retention period to match your company policy.

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