What is a hotel folio and why might I need this?

A hotel folio is essentially an invoice for a hotel stay, detailing each cost that is charged on the final bill. With a hotel folio you can confirm the room rate as well as any applicable taxes or additional fees imposed by the hotel.

If your accounting department has requested additional details about the breakdown of taxes for hotel expenses these files would be of use to them. Having hotel folios allows companies to understand how much is being paid in taxes for hotel stays, and also provides evidence of these expenses.

If you have an Analyst role type and you’ve been looking for more detailed information about your hotel expenditure, you can find hotel specific transactions details on the Hotel Bookings report from the Reports section of your Dashboard.

If your team has opted into the Hotel Folios feature, you will see links to folios displayed in the report. Folios contain the breakdown of costs for a hotel stay and will be sourced directly from the hotel after a guest has checked out. We will contact the hotel automatically after check out, and once the folio has been provided by the hotel the folio will be made accessible from the Hotel Bookings report.

This optional feature is available to all companies in addition to their existing Pana services. If you would like to find out more about the benefits this feature could provide your team, please reach out to support@pana.com or to your friendly Account Manager.

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