Many companies have their own policies regarding travel or want unique messaging to be displayed and agreed to by their travelers prior to any bookings being completed.  This feature allows you to ask travelers to agree to anything unique to your business before booking travel.

Along with accepting Pana's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, the onboarding traveler will be prompted to accept the content of the custom messaging before finalizing their new Pana profile. Any existing users will also be prompted to accept the updated agreement before being redirected to their usual service.

Here’s an example of what this custom messaging could look like:

Custom Messaging may be used for (but is not limited to) the following use cases:

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policies
  • Custom text related to company's travel or business policies

If you have any questions about this option or you’re interested in adding this custom onboarding feature to your account, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or shoot us an email to - we would love to hear from you!

Please note that at this time, users are unable to return to view these messages again after completing onboarding.

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