1. Follow the link called 'Submit Receipts' in the email you received from Pana. Alternatively, you can log in via pana.com and click on the 'reimbursements' button.

2. This will take you to the reimbursement portal. The first step is to enter your desired payout currency, then you will be able to click 'Submit Expense'.

TIP: on this page, it will also let you know until what date you're able to submit receipts!

3. Then, on the 'Add Expense' page, you will be able to select the expense type, currency, and amount. You will also be able to add a photo of your receipt, as well as enter the date and any comments you wish to make.

4. Once you've submitted and the expense is saved, it will show on the next page under 'Pending Submissions'. From this page, you can also submit more receipts (just remember that we don't accept bulk submissions, so these do need to be entered separately!)

5. Once you are finished submitting receipts, you will continue on to the 'Reimbursement Method' page. Here, you will choose if you want to be reimbursed via bank transfer or via check (this is only available for our guests with addresses in the US).

TIP: Take a screenshot of what you enter here if you want to refer back to the details later! For security reasons, Pana cannot access the details you enter here.

6. Click 'Submit', and you're done!

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