Steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the home screen of your dashboard and click "Invite Guest"

Step 2: Select the purpose of your guest's trip and click "Next Step"

Step 3: Add personal details for the guest.

  • The custom fields determine policy rules for your guest's trip, so make sure you double-check these
  • The policy group determines which payment method we'll charge for this guest's purchases and expenses, who will need to approve out of policy travel, and who will need to approve out of policy expenses. Click here for instructions on creating a new policy group

Step 4: Enter the guest's travel details

  • You can select one of your office locations that is loaded in Pana, or choose to input an address manually. Click here for instructions on setting up an office location.

Step 5: Choose the start and end time of the event, then click “continue”

Step 6: Confirm the itinerary and edit as required

A sample itinerary will generate on page three of the guest invite form that is determined by your team's policy rules. You have the ability to edit, remove, or add any travel on this page.

  • Edit the flights: If needed, you can add stops, change the class and alter the airports. You can remove the flights and you can also update these to be train or other.
  • Edit the accommodation: If needed, you can update the number of nights covered and star rating you’d like agents to book
  • Edit the ground transportation: You can also select which type of Uber you would like to give your guest access too. This will default to "UberX" unless another option is chosen. This is a great way to customize the Uber experience for VIP candidates. Pana will default to covering home airport transportation unless noted otherwise by your team admin.

If you have anything else you'd like us to know regarding flights, accommodations, or ground transportations, please leave those notes in the relevant section. You will notice that at the bottom of the full itinerary there is an "anything else" section. This should only be used for notes that don't regard flights, accommodations, or ground transportation. We ask you only use this section is necessary, as it may impact our automation process.

Examples of additional notes you may leave in the flight intent:

  • This guest would like to fly to the interview and back on the same day
  • For This guest is 6'5, we will cover the cost of an "extra room" seat
  • This guest is departing from JFK but returning to ORD
  • This guest only needs a one-way flight

Step 7: Review, turn reimbursements on/off and confirm the primary contact for the trip

The bottom of page three of the guest invite form is a summary of all of the information you've input on the guest invite form. Here, you can toggle reimbursements to "on" or "off," update the primary contact on the trip, or add any additional notes you'd like our agents to see!

Finally, click "Invite" at the bottom of the page. Congratulations! You've successfully invited your guest's trip with Pana.

  • If you’d like to invite a guest for reimbursements only, click here for instructions.
  • For more information check out our best practices

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