Whether you're inviting 10 or 100 interns, Pana can help make the process seamless.

Pre-invitation: (2 weeks notice is required)

Before submitting your invites, reach out to our support team support@pana.com to set up a call. Pana will collect your timing, volume estimates, invite dates, and unique preferences for interns.


Pana will send your team a Bulk Upload Form that includes all of the information you'd normally input on the Guest Invite Form. During our pre-invite call, we'll determine a date (or dates pending on volume) to send all invites to your guests. Once the form has been filled out, our team will then send the invites on the agreed-upon date to all of your interns.


As most internships run several months and interns don't always know their preferred return date and city, Pana will book two one-way flights for your interns. First, we will send an invite to book the outbound flight, then, one month prior to the end of their internship, we will reach out again to coordinate their return flight. This saves your team from submitting two invites and also helps to avoid any unnecessary change fees with the airlines.


We've found that most teams prefer to handle intern accommodation outside of Pana, such as housing or a pre-arranged room. If your team needs help with booking long-term stays, just let us know!

Ground Transportation:

Pana's Lyft and Uber integrations are great options to help get your interns from home to the airport and from the airport to their accommodation.


We know anyone traveling for a few months will have more luggage than the average business traveler. Pana can customize your expense policy for interns only so you can pre-approve the additional costs of baggage.

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