The experience report is only viewable by team Admins and is a combination of data we pull from our post-trip survey, as well SLA data.  This report can be filtered by date range and aggregation.

% of Positive Ratings (4 or 5) 

This report shows how many guests rated their travel experience with Pana either a 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

The questions guests are prompted is: "How would you rate your experience booking travel with Pana?" 

Average Star Rating & % of Perfect Ratings 

The report on the left shows how many guests responded to the post-trip survey (red) and the average star rating the gave.  

The report on the right shows the percentage of perfect 5 star scores submitted. 

Average Response Time 

The report on the left shows our agent's overall response time to any guests, coordinators or admins who have messaged into the agent app. 

The report on the right breaks down the response time by role, if you hover over each bar you'll see the exact response time by role. 

Initial Email Timing

This report indicates how long it takes our agent team to send out the introduction email to your guest once the Guest Invite Form has been submitted.  

If you'd like to learn more ways to increase automation so that your invites go out within minutes, head on over to our best practices help article! 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Guest Feedback  

The final question we ask in the post trip survey is:  "Based on your entire candidate experience from first application to onsite interview, how likely would you be to recommend a friend or colleague also apply to X company?" 

Based on the responses scored 1-10 we calculate an NPS score for your interview process.  Just underneath the NPS score, you'll see the score given as well as the feedback provided by the guests. 

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