To ensure a smooth booking process for your guests and to receive fewer approval requests from agents, we have created this list of tips to keep in mind when submitting a guest invite.

Custom fields:

One the first page of the guest invite, you should populate all custom fields pertaining to the guest's role, tier level, and group. Custom fields generate specific preferences for your team.

For example, selecting a Tier 2 candidate vs. Tier 1 could result in a different selection of hotels or cabin classes for your guest's flight. Admins can follow these instructions to create new custom fields as needed.

Use preset locations:

When possible, you should select one of your preset office locations as these have preferred hotels and hotel rates tied to them. You can always enter an address manually, or create a new office location if you’d like to save time in the future.

Enter the exact start and end time:

When you select the event dates you can also customize the event times. It is important to put the exact start and end time of the interview - do not add a buffer. This allows agents to give the guest the maximum number of flight options for their travel, without causing a delay by seeking approval. Pana’s flight search will automatically add the necessary buffer time needed to travel between the airport and the office location.

Customize the itinerary:

On the third page of the guest invite form, an itinerary is displayed. This is built using your team's policy rules and preferences so you shouldn’t need to change too much. If you find that you're changing certain fields every time you submit the guest invite form, contact so we can update your policy rules.

This is where you can edit flight information if you need to customize the class, airports, or even specify a specific departure/arrival time. You can also edit the hotel star rating and ground transportation information so that our agent team will know exactly what you’d liked booked for your guest. This is very useful if you have agreed to something with your guest that is out of the ordinary.

Additional Notes:

If any of your guest's travel details are not captured in the editable sections of the itinerary, we recommend using the additional notes section. For example,

  • This guest is extending their stay. We will cover 1 night of the hotel, but they would like to arrive Friday and depart the following Wednesday.
  • This guest is very tall and we will cover the cost of an extra leg-room seat
  • This guest is flying from San Francisco but will be returning to New York, this is approved
  • This interview is multiple days
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