At Pana, we use two Uber methods, vouchers, and Uber for Business access. The most commonly used method is vouchers. After your flights have been booked, the Pana team will confirm your Uber access information at least 24 hours before you depart.

Please note that both Uber vouchers and Uber for Business do not include tips. If you wish to add a tip you will be charged out of pocket for this expense.

How to use your Uber voucher:

Uber vouchers are geo-restricted to work to/from your home airport, to/from your destination airport, and to/from your event location.

  1. Once you've received your final itinerary from Pana, you'll see a button under your ride details that says "redeem voucher."

2. Once you've clicked this, you'll be prompted to either download or sign up for Uber.  

3. The Uber voucher will automatically apply to your account, and the details of your rides and how to use the voucher will be displayed.

4.  You'll also see a map of the locations that are covered under your Uber voucher!


Uber for Business access:

24 hours prior to travel you will receive an invite via email to join the Pana Uber account.

1. Once you click "get started" the Uber app will automatically open.

2. Once the app opens, you'll be allowed to join the Pana account.

3. When you're ready to take your first ride, where it says "personal" under payment method, you'll need to click that to switch to the Pana account. 

4. Please note, the Uber app will only work for rides to and from your destination airport and the office/event location. The app will not work for rides to and from your home airport or any other rides during your trip. If you select a location that is not pre-approved by the team, you will receive the below error: 

5.  If for any reason, you do not receive the invite to join Pana or you believe the ride should be covered, message our Travel Team at

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