Virtual credit cards are created for all bookings made through Pana.  Some airlines require the card the flight was purchased within order to check-in.  These also come in handy if a hotel accidentally charges your personal card they're holding for incidentals. 

You can think of the virtual credit card as a one-time use card that has a budget of exactly what your charge will be.  For example, the budget for one night at a hotel is $220 we will pull $225 (a small buffer is added) from a prepaid account and load the virtual credit card with the $225 to pay for the hotel. 

Each virtual credit card is good for only one use. The hotel will be supplied with this card prior to your arrival. There is no physical card but similar to a credit card each virtual credit card has a numerical code, expiration date, and CVV number. 

A copy of your virtual card will be attached to your booking confirmation email. 

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