Travel emergencies like storms, planes being grounded, or personal emergencies that require a change in travel can be very stressful for the traveler and coordinator.  Here is what you can expect from Pana when these situations arise and our tips for making sure it's a smooth process for your traveler. 

What to do if your guest's flight is cancelled

If a guest has reached out to you to let you know that their flight has been delayed or cancelled, please encourage them to our 24/7 team of support agents at  It is much faster for our team to work with the guest directly to coordinate the best new options for their travel. 

With weather delays, most airlines will rebook the guest for free if there is a significant delay or cancellation.  We will always advise the guest to work directly with the airline gate agents if they are at the airport as that is typically a faster change and they can select their preferred flight. 

Please note if a guest has already checked in for their flight, we are unable to make changes on their behalf and they will have to work with the gate agents. 

If a guest has to change their flight for health or personal reasons, Pana will price out the cost to change the flight, request approval from your team, and proceed in booking the guest based on your response.

How your team can prepare for situations that are out of the guests control 

We can set an "emergency" policy in place for these situations so that agents do not have to reach out for approval and can send an update when the situation has been handled.
Examples of these policies include: 

  • If a guest is cancelled/delayed overnight, Company will cover up to X number of nights in a hotel at a budget of $Y. 
  • If a guest needs to change their flight for personal/emergency reasons, we will cover up to $500 in flight change + fare change 

To set these up for your team, email your Customer Success Manager or

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