How Pana Verifies Approvals:

Pana has a payments team that reviews every receipt submitted to ensure the date submitted matches the receipt, the dates are in-line with the trip dates, the category of expense matches the category submitted, and the total dollar amount matches.

Once this is verified, the receipt will either send to your team for manual approval or it will flow through our auto-approval feature.

How Auto Approval Rules Work:

If your team does not require visibility into every expense submitted by candidates, auto-approvals are a great way to reduce inbox noise and expedite payment. Auto-approval rules match the guidelines set in your team's expense policy and bypass the manual approval sent to your team.

For example, if your team approves $75 per day in meals and all receipts for meals on the date submitted are under $75, the guest will automatically be prompted to enter their bank details for reimbursement instead of waiting for a second approval.

We can add in auto-approval rules by day, trip, or by expense category and your expense policy can include all, some, or none of the below categories.

Categories for Expenses:

  • Meals: Any meals/snacks purchased during their trip
  • Mileage: If a guest prefers to drive instead of taking a flight/train we can reimburse at either the standard IRS rate per mile or at a custom rate
  • WiFi: In-flight WiFi or hotel room WiFi if the rates do not include it
  • Parking: If the guest drives to your office and needs to pay for city parking, or if they park at the airport
  • Ground Transportation: Rides to/from the guest's home airport or any rides Pana is not booking
  • Baggage: Any checked bags for your guests on their flight
  • Train: If your guest books their own train, or is traveling within Europe and must present the card the train was booked on instead of using Pana's payment
  • Visa Fee: For guests traveling to your home office from a country that requires a visa (please note Pana does not assist in visa applications)
  • Honorarium: If you have a guest speaker or prefer to give a preset amount for guests to spend while traveling (please note that it is not mandatory for the guest to upload a receipt if they are submitting an honorarium)
  • Airport Tax: For any additional airport taxes incurred outside flight costs while traveling
  • Fuel/Gas: An alternative to mileage for guests who elect to drive
  • Office Supplies: For any supplies needed while traveling
  • Miscellaneous: Any other fees incurred while traveling - Please note any receipt tagged as miscellaneous will be sent to your team for approval
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