Pana integrates with Workday to enhance reporting and accounting of travel booked through Pana through Workday's Report-as-a-Service (RaaS).  

Information from Workday can also be used to populate ‘Custom Fields’ when a coordinator invites a guest to use Pana to book travel.

In order to set up an integration between Workday and Pana, we will need the following:

  • Your Workday’s JSON Endpoint URL
  • The username and password to the URL

To generate the JSON Endpoint URL, in Workday, navigate to ‘Actions’ > ‘Web Service’ > ‘View URLs’.

Then, right click JSON and choose "Copy URL".

After this is complete, you’ll want to work within Workday to select the relevant filters that will determine specifically which subsets of data.

In order to ensure the set of data is up-to-date, Pana will refresh its access once every 24 hours.

Once the above steps are complete, please reach out to your Implementation Manager at Pana with the JSON Endpoint URL and corresponding username and password.  Our engineering team will then begin working to integrate your Workday data into the way you use Pana.

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