If your team uses Expensify for employee expense management, let us know! It’s quick and easy to setup a team wide integration, so that the Pana travel team can automatically forward travel booking receipts to Expensify, which can then be expensed with just a few clicks.

Setting up Expensify permissions

Each employee will need to give Pana permission to make submissions on their behalf. Here are instructions on how to properly setup Expensify in 5 simple steps:

1. Log into your Expensify account and hover over Settings on the left-hand side menu.

2. Click on Account in order to access your account settings.

3. Once in the account settings, scroll down to the Copilot: Delegated Access section to Add a Copilot and enter the email bookings@pana.com.

4. Change the access type from Full Access to Submit-Only so that your Travel team can submit receipts on your behalf.

5. Click Invite Copilot.

What happens when Pana submits a receipt?

Once you’ve added Pana as a Copilot on your Expensify account (see the steps above) and you've given Pana permission to submit receipts to Expensify on your behalf, we’ll automatically forward receipts to Expensify whenever a booking is made.

You will be able to find your receipts on the Expenses page of Expensify, you’ll see all of your unreported receipts including receipts for travel bookings made by Pana.


How do I get this integration set up in Pana? If you're the team Admin or Travel Manager, please get in touch with your Technical Account Manager or reach out to us at support@pana.com to ask about this integration.

What happens once the integration is set up by Pana? Once turned on, this feature will immediately be live for your entire team and Pana will begin sending receipts to Expensify for all travel purchases made in Pana. However, employees will still need to visit their Expensify account to setup Pana as their Copilot so that our submissions are accepted.

How does Pana match an Expensify profile to a specific Pana profile? Matches are made on email addresses, so the employee will need to use the same email address for their Pana and Expensify accounts.

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