Pana's integration with Lever allows you to quickly search for and invite candidates that are listed in Lever.

How to connect with Lever

Create a Lever API key for Pana

  1. Visit the Integrations page in your Lever settings.
  2. Find click on the API Credentials tab.
  3. Navigate to Lever API credentials
  4. Click Generate New Key.
  5. Under the Read Endpoints section, you will need to select 3 boxes - List Candidates, Read Candidate, List Stages
  6. Click the Copy button next to the API key (the long code with random letter and numbers).
  7. Click Done on the bottom of the box to save your key. Once your key is saved you will not be able to copy it again, so make sure it is copied before saving the new API key.
  8. Once saved you will see it as a new row in your list of custom API keys. 

Add your Lever API key to your Pana account

  1. Log into your Pana account.
  2. Visit your team settings within your Pana account. In your Pana account click on your company's logo in the top right corner and select the gear icon next to your company's name.
  3. Click on Integrations.
  4. Turn on the Lever integration.
  5. Paste the API into the Lever API Key field.
  6. After you paste a valid key (key must have access to List Candidates, Read Candidate, and List Stages), a Stages dropdown will appear to the right of your API key. 
  7. Select any stages that you wish to select candidates from in the guest invite form - feel free to select as many or as few as you want, this just helps us narrow down the amount of candidates we pull from Lever - most people choose the On-site Interview stage.
  8. Click Test. You should see a message that says, "Success! Your Lever integration is ready to go."
  9. Make sure you have at least one stage included in the second dropdown, otherwise we will not be able to pull any of your candidates from Lever.

🎉 Yay, you did it! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Using the integration

From the Guest invite form in your Pana account, you'll now have the option to search for Lever candidates.

Selecting a candidate listed in Lever will automatically fill in their first name, last name and email into the guest invite form.

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