Who can use this feature?

  • Anyone who has an Admin role can add a new office location and review their current locations on the dashboard

When inviting guests to use Pana you will select the office location for their visit. You are able to manage your office locations on the company dashboard.

Add an office location:

Step 1: From the company dashboard, go to “Settings” > “Company Settings” > “Locations” > “Add Location”

Step 2: Enter location name i.e. “Madrid” or “New York” - multiple office addresses can be added within one location.

Step 3: Under the profile of the new or existing location, click “Add Office” and enter the Office Nickname. (This can be the name of the building or the Suite or Floor number, for example, as those details will not be able to be entered in the actual address box.)

Step 4: Enter the address, you may need to click “Search by address” if your address is not loading. You can also copy and paste an address straight from Google.

If you have preferred hotels for that location, please to reach out to support@pana.com

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