Step 1 - Flights:

  • The first interaction we have with guests is to send them flight options that work within the budget and event timing. If no flights are available we will send them an introduction email while we await budget approval
  • If guest flight search is activated, guests can view more options available and book a flight that works with their schedule
  • Our Travel Team is available 24/7 in the event that a guest needs assistance to find a suitable flight

Step 2 - Accomodation & Ground transportation:

  • Once flights are booked our Travel Team will book a preferred hotel and set up their ground transportation as listed on their invite
  • A confirmation email and SMS is sent to the guest to let them know the details of their travel arrangements and how to contact us if they require support
  • At this stage, we will also make them aware of your team's expense policy if reimbursements have been activated

Step 3 - Local Recommendations:

Whenever a guest is heading to a major city, or if your team has provided Pana with local recommendations, we will send them to the guest after they land at their destination. Recommendations include places to eat and grab a coffee, and guests can also contact our Travel Team if they help to locate something specific.

Step 4 - Reimbursements:

  • Guests are sent your team's expense policy as well as instructions on how to submit their expenses for reimbursement.
  • Once we receive their receipts, our payment team will verify them
  • Once expenses are approved and the guest provides their bank account information we will transfer their reimbursements

Step 5 - Feedback Survey:

After the guest returns home, we will send a farewell message and link to a survey so they can rate their experience and provide us with feedback. Collecting feedback is how we continually improve processes and workflows to ensure

24/7 support:

If the guest experiences any issues or has questions prior to their trip or during their trip, the Agent Team is available 24/7 at or through the chat.

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