Dynamic Pana budget

Pana's dynamic budget is our original and most popular pricing model. The dynamic budget takes into consideration the departure and arrival cities, dates of travel, preferred airports, and cabins to provide an estimated price based on the current inventory.

You'll see the budget populate in real-time as you fill out the Guest Invite Form. Just below the estimated cost, you'll be able to see what percentage of flights available can be purchased at this rate. If you want to adjust the budget to include a buffer you can slide the bar to the right.

This option is great for teams who want to set a specific budget per candidate or want real-time transparency in regards to cost.

Pre-set budgets

Pre-set flight budgets are a great option if you have a maximum budget per candidate. Setting one budget (unless it's very high) can result in multiple approval emails being sent to coordinators. Which is why we suggest a pre-set budgets based on flight length.

Common examples of budgets based on flight length are:

  • Flights under 3 hours under $350
  • Flights between 3 hours and 6 hours $500
  • Flights over 6 hours $750

We can also use international vs. domestic routes to determine the budget.

Lowest logical fare + % Buffer:

Lowest logical fare is a pricing model that guides our Travel Team to book the lowest logical fare, and if needed they will use a percentage buffer of that cost. Once we've determined the lowest logical fare based on dates, arrival and departure cities, and times we'll add a percentage buffer to this to allow the guest more options.

This pricing plan is great for teams who do not want to see the exact fares being offered and would like to reduce the number of approval emails they're receiving. If the flight costs change between when the invite is submitted to when the guest books, the lowest logical fare is automatically recalculated.

Lowest Logical Fare + $ Buffer:

Using the same principle as the model above, this is a great option for teams who don't need to see the exact price of the flights but prefer we book using the lowest logical plus a dollar amount buffer on top of that cost.

If you want to make any changes to your current pricing structure, just reach out to us at support@pana.com

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