What you can expect from Pana on the timing of the initial email, messaging, and booking speeds. 

Introduction email: 

The time it takes agents to send the introduction email after you've submitted the Guest Invite Form. 

  • 70% are sent out within 12 hours  
  • 98% are sent out within 24 hours 
  • If a guest is traveling within 72 hours their invites will be prioritized 

Introduction email follow ups: 

If a guest does not respond to our email, the agents will proactively reach out via text or email 

  • If travel is more than a week out, agents will reach out every 24 hours 
  • If travel is less than a week out, agents will reach out every 12 hours 
  • If travel is within 72 hours, agents will reach out every 4-6 hours 


  • Agents respond to 70% of all messages within 5 minutes 
  • Agents respond to 100% of messages within 30 minutes 


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