Who can use this feature? 

  • Anyone who's been given the Admin, Analyst, or Coordinator
  • Available with the Pana Business or Pana Guest products.

Types of Reports

Please note: Admin and Analyst roles have full visibility of reports, while Coordinator roles may show a limited view of reports available.

: Breaks down your total number of trips, trip types (ie: interview vs training), and the number of guests invited by each coordinator.

Spend: See total spend trends by purchase type (flight, hotel, reimbursements, etc.).

Experience: See the ratings your guests are giving Pana, view data on Pana's response times, and also review guest interview feedback. This report is a key part of our commitment to transparency about how we are performing.

Usage: Detail your current usage by product type. This report will help you reconcile and audit our invoices better.

Air: Breaks down your spend by airline, cabin class, average flight cost, and benchmarks your spend against our other customers.

Accommodation: Breaks down the cities your team is booking in, average stay length, average daily rate, and benchmarks your spend against our other customers.

How to download reports 

  1. To download reports, hover your mouse over the graph and click on the "hamburger menu," 

2. then click "download data" and your data will download into a csv file.  You can also download the graphic for presentation purposes.

How to Filter Reports 

At the top of each report you'll be able to filter your data set down to exactly what you need.  Just click the blue "filters" button and make sure you scroll down to see all of the filters available.

How to Pivot Reports in the Dashboard 

If you're looking for a different view of your data, you can edit your pivot table within the reporting dashboard. 

  1. Click the "hamburger menu" that appears when you hover over the chart.

2. Select "Edit Pivot" from the drop downs. 

3. Edit your pivot table the same way you would in excel to see exactly what data you need. 

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