Who can use this feature?

  • Anyone who's been given the admin role and assigned as the expense approver for the trip. 
  • Available with the Pana Reimbursements product.


Once a guest submits an expense for a meal, parking or other ancillary purchases and the expense has been verified by our team, as an admin you'll be able to approve it (even if you're not the designated approver).

Approve an expense

1. Click on Reports.

2. Select Reimbursements.

3. Click on the expense that you'd like to review.

4. Review the expense details.

5. Select Approve, Partially Approve, or Deny.


If you select Approve you'll have the opportunity to review the details one last time before finalizing the reimbursement.

After confirming the approval, we'll manage reimbursing the guest directly.

Partially Approve

If you select Partially Approve you'll be able to enter the amount that you'd like to reimburse.


If you select Deny you'll be able to review the details of the expense and write a message to the guest letting them know why the expense was denied.

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