Who can use this feature?

  • Anyone who's been given the coordinator or admin role and assigned as the expense approver for the trip.
  • Available with the Pana Reimbursements product


Once a guest submits an expense for a meal, parking or other ancillary purchases and the expense has been verified by our team, you'll be able to approve it (if you're the assigned approver).

Not all receipts will require approval, only items submitted as miscellaneous or receipts that exceed your policy limit/are outside of your policy.

You will also receive an email when you have an expense to approve, which you can action straight from your inbox.

How to approve an expense for another guest:

  • If you are an admin or have been assigned the role of expense approver for the trip you can go ahead and approve reimbursements. Simply visit the reports tab, them click reimbursements.

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