Who can use this feature?

  • Anyone who's been given the Admin role can add or remove employee roles
  • Available with the Pana Guest or Pana Business products

Update employee roles:

Step 1: Visit the People tab on your Pana dashboard

Step 2: Select the employee you'd like to update

Step 3: Click Add or Remove Roles

Step 4: Select or unselect the appropriate roles

Step 5: Click Save

Description of roles:

  • Admin: This role has access to all team-related activities, including reporting, managing employees, and editing team settings.
  • Analyst: The analysts' primary role is to view and manage reporting information. They have access to all reporting and employee information.
  • Coordinator: Coordinators' primary role is to invite guests. They can view reporting information for only guests they have invited and trips they have been shared on.
  • Traveler: Travelers' primary activity is internal travel. They cannot manage team settings, invite new employees, or guests unless combined with another role.

If you are having difficulty update employee roles, please to reach out to support@pana.com

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