Who can use this feature?
Available to all Pana members which includes the Free, Concierge, or Business plans.


After connecting your email account or forwarding a travel confirmation (to import@pana.com) your itinerary will be available on all mobile devices.

  • iPhone users, download our mobile app from the App Store and log in.
  • If you're on a non-iPhone device, log in to your account at https://app.pana.com.

The first screen you'll see is a list of trips, with upcoming trips first and older trips last.

There are two tabs at the top of the list:

  • My trips: Trips you are on.
  • Everyone: Trips that have been shared with you, which may include trips that you are on. For example, if your spouse has shared an upcoming trip with you, it would be appear here.

Trip view

Tap into one of your trips to see the messages, itinerary and settings for that trip.

Chat or Messages

This is where you'll send messages to and receive messages from Pana.

If you're a Concierge or Business  member....

  • You will be able to chat with our travel Concierge team, just like always.
  • You will receive messages from our bot Crosby on updates or changes to your travel itinerary, or trips you've been shared on.

If you're a Pana Free member....

  • You will only receive messages and notifications from our bot, Crosby
  • You will receive notifications such as updates or changes to your travel itinerary.


This is where you'll see all of your travel plans. There are three ways for bookings to appear here:

  • Connect email account: You can connect your email account and when Crosby finds travel reservations he'll automatically add them to your itinerary.
  • Manually forward emails: If you choose not to connect your email, you can forward your travel emails to import@pana.com, they will appear here.
  • Book with Pana: When your Concierge team makes a booking on your behalf, it will appear in your itinerary.

Types of travel events that will appear in your itinerary:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Airbnbs
  • Rental cars
  • Restaurants
  • Events and activities


Specific settings for this trip include:

  • Sharing: Share your trip with a friend, colleague or anyone you want.
  • Travel alerts: Which travelers you want to receive alerts for.
  • General notifications: Other ways to configure your trip such as changing the cover photo, Renaming the trip, or fixing incorrect information. (Learn how to configure your general Pana settings).
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