Who can use this feature?
Available to Pana members on the Concierge or Business plans.

Reaching the Concierge team

You can reach your Concierge team 24/7 through the iPhone app, Web app, or via SMS and email.

Leaning on the Concierge team for support

Because we have real people on the other side of the computer, we're here to help you with everything travel and Pana-related. 

If you ever have questions about your subscription, inviting your friends to Pana or need help accessing your payment information, just shoot your Concierge team and message and they'll be more than happy to help out.

Making a travel request

Making a travel request via Pana is incredibly easy. Simply send a message via the iPhone app, web app, SMS, or email (click here for instructions on how to contact Pana). Your travel team is a group of real people, who happen to be travel experts, so feel free to speak in freely.

Example requests


  • “I’d like to go to New York from June 24th to June 30th. Can you send me a few options when it makes the most sense to buy?”
  • “Can you change my flight from Friday to Saturday?”


  • “My wife and I are traveling to London, May 24 to May 26. Can you please book the same hotel as last time?”
  • “Can you look into Airbnb options for a trip this weekend in Napa?”

Car rentals

  • “I need a car for LA, can make a reservation with Hertz?”
  • “Can you rent a car for my family trip in Maine?”

General Transportation

  • “What’s the best way to get from LGA to my hotel in New York?”
  • “Can you make a train booking from London to Paris?

Restaurants & local activities

  • “Just landed and I’m starving, any restaurant suggestions?”
  • “Can you make a dinner reservation for my husband and I next Tuesday? It’s his birthday.”

Pana Partnerships

The Pana Concierge team uses proprietary travel technology to search the best options based on specific member needs and desires—Pana’s recommendations are based 100% on what we believe will fit your needs.

Pana does not promote specific providers. Pana does partner with travel brands to offer exclusive pricing, perks, and rewards to our members. However, these partners do not receive preferential treatment in search ranking on our platform. Instead, Pana's Concierge team searches all possible results for the flights, hotels or experiences that best suit you and your objectives for each trip.

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