Welcome to Pana we're excited to help make your work travel delightful. 🎉

We’ve broken down the basics of getting started Pana with this handy to-do list.

✉️ Step 1: Accepting the invite and creating your account

  • Check your email inbox for an invite to create your Pana account.
  • Click on the link to create your account.
  • Follow the on-boarding steps to complete your traveler profile.

⚠️ Step 2: Setting up your trip notifications

  • Click into the Settings tab of your account and scroll down to Trip Notifications to choose when and where to receive travel alerts.

🙋 Step 3: Chatting with your Concierge team

  • When you're ready, click into a trip or start a new trip and begin chatting with your Concierge team!
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