Who can use this feature?

Available to all Pana members which includes the Free, Concierge, or Business plans.


From your traveler profile, you can add or edit personal information or notification settings.

💰 Payment methods

  • If you are a Concierge member, you can access your payment methods in the Profile section of the app.
  • Here you can add, delete, change credit card names and set new cards as primary.

 🏕 Trip notifications

  • All members can choose what type of notifications they'd like to receive for travel alerts.
  • You can also choose whether to receive these notifications in app, via SMS, email, or all of the above!

✈️  Automatic flight check-in

  • That's right! We can automatically check you into all of your flights once you become a Pana member.
  • Tap into this section to turn this setting on/off.

🤗 😉 Co-pilots

  • Add family members, friends, or co-workers as co-pilots to automatically share your trips.

😀 Personal details

From the personal details section you can:

  • View your account details.
  • Add or edit your traveler information (legal name, date of birth, Known Traveler number, etc).
  • Add or edit loyalty numbers to make sure you always receive points when you travel.
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