You can submit a mileage expense by following the instructions below.

1. Visit Google Maps to figure out the distance for the drive.

2. Save a screenshot of the route in Google Maps and make sure it includes the number of miles traveled.

3. Visit the Pana "Submit a Receipt" form.

If you're not sure how to get to this page reach out to the Pana Travel team by emailing and they can resend a link to this form.

4. Click Upload Image... and select the screenshot of Google Maps.

5. Select Vehicle Mileage for the Purchase Category.

6. Enter the date of the drive for the Purchase Date.

7. Leave the Purchase Currency as USD.

8. Multiply the number of miles traveled (as shown in Google Maps) by .545 (standard IRS mileage rate) or any other rate listed in the Expense Policy.

E.g. 28.1 miles x .545 = $15.31

9. Select the currency you'd like to be reimbursed in and add a comment.

10. Click Send Receipt.

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