1. Go to the "Trips" tab of your dashboard and click "Invite Guest." 

2. Select the purpose of your guest's trip and click "Next Step".

You'll arrive at Pana's guest invite form. Once you get in the flow of filling this out regularly, it often takes less than 30 seconds to complete. 🤗

3. Enter the origin and destination for your guest's trip, as well as the exact date and times that you'll need them at your office. 

4. Enter their contact details. 

5. Complete any custom field questions that your team has set-up. (These usually help bill-back to the correct cost center). 

6. Choose "Yes" if you are covering flights. 

You can click "Change" to alter any defaults, such as preferred cabin, route or travel dates. 

7. Choose "Yes" if you are covering a place to stay. 

You can click "Change" to alter any defaults, such as number of nights covered or hotel star quality. 

8. Choose "Yes" if you'd like us to arrange and centrally bill ground transportation. 

You can click "Change" to specify type of ground transportation (e.g. Uber or Lyft, Car Service, Shuttle Service, Rental Car) for to-and-from airport or office. 

9. Choose "Yes" if you'd like us to handle expense reporting and reimbursements. (Only applicable if your team has access to Pana's reimbursement feature). 

10. Click "Invite with $_ budget."  

This live budget is generated on the right-hand side through a real-time search of available flight and hotel inventory that fit all trip details. 

Our agents will only send flight options and book accommodations that fit within this live budget. They'll reach out to you first for any out-of-budget approvals.*

*There may be exceptions to this rule depending on how your team configured your dashboard. For example, our agents may book your preferred hotel properties regardless of budget or reach out to a different designated point-of-contact for out-of-budget approvals if your team's administrator configured your account that way. 

11. Double check all trip details and write-in any final notes for our agents. 

Any notes go directly to the agent handling this trip, not the actual guest. Feel free to throw in any relevant details that haven't already been captured within the form. 

12. Click "Invite Guest." 

🎉 Congratulations! You've successfully dispatched your guest's trip with Pana. 

Our agents will reach out to the guest directly within the hour, and begin coordinating travel and any expense reimbursements for their upcoming trip right away. 

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