When you need Pana to handle travel arrangement for a guest, whether they be a candidate flying in for an onsite interview, an employee who needs to attend training, or any other one-off guest visits follow the steps below:

1. Go to the "People" tab of your admin dashboard.

2. Click "Invite" and select "Invite Guest".

3. Select the purpose of the trip and click "Next Step".

4. Enter the trip details for your guest's upcoming trip.

When selecting the date and time for the interview or event you should set it to the actual start time and end time. Our travel team will do the heavy lifting to make sure that your guest gets where they need to on-time.

You will only need select a payment method if your company has multiple groups set up in the "People" tab.

5. Enter the guest's First Name, Last Name and Email.

6. If your company has setup custom fields, fill out the additional details for the guest's upcoming trip.

7. Select the travel that you'd like to cover.

8. If necessary update your preferences for the flight, accommodations and ground transportation.

9. Click "Invite Guest".

10. Review all of the trip details, add any additional notes and if everything looks good click "Invite my guest!".

Congrats, you've invited a guest! 🎉 

In about 15 minutes a member Pana's travel team will reach out to the guest you've just invited and begin coordinating travel for their upcoming trip.

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