Pana's integration with Greenhouse allows you to quickly search for and invite candidates that are listed in Greenhouse.

How to connect with Greenhouse

Create a Greenhouse API key for Pana

  1. Visit the API Credentials page within the Configure tab of your Greenhouse account.
  2. Click Create New API Key.
  3. Write Pana Candidate Key in the Description field.
  4. Select Harvest for the Type field.
  5. Click Create.

Add Permissions to your new key

  1. Under Manage Api Key Permissions, expand the Candidates section
  2. Select GET: Retrieve Candidate and GET: List Candidates
  3. Click Update at the bottom of the page

๐ŸŽ‰ Yay, you created an API key! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Add your Greenhouse API key to your Pana account

You'll now see a section titled Pana Candidate Key ย with an API key listed (the random letters and numbers).

  1. Click the Copy button next to the API key listed under Pana.
  2. Log into your Pana account.
  3. Visit your team settings within your Pana account. In your Pana account click on your company's logo in the top right corner and select the gear icon next to your company's name.
  4. Click on Integrations.
  5. Turn on the Greenhouse integration.
  6. Paste the API into the Greenhouse API Key field.
  7. Click Test. You should see a message that says, "Success! Your greenhouse integration is ready to go."

Using the integration

From the Guest invite form in your Pana account, you'll now have the option to search for Greenhouse candidates.

Selecting a candidate listed in Greenhouse will automatically fill in their first name, last name and email into the guest invite form.

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