You can search Pana’s reports by using a qualifier, operator, and the value that you’re looking for. This allows you to filter the data in any column. 

Sound like technical mumbo-jumbo? 🤓

Let’s break it down together. 

A qualifier is the column heading (e.g. Purchase Type). 

A value is what you’re searching for in that column. This can be either a numerical value (e.g. $100) or a text value (e.g. Flights). 

A operator is how you want to conduct the search (e.g. Equal To, which gets represented by a “:”).

Putting this all together—in order of qualifier, then operator, then value—you’d get the query:


This query, when used in the Transactions Report, searches for all transactions that were for flights.

As another example, let’s say you wanted to search for all transactions that were over $1,000. You’d create the query: 


One note: For values without spaces, single quotes are optional. You only need to add single quotes for values with spaces, like 'Jane Appleseed'.

If you wanted to get super fancy, you could combine these two queries:

purchase_type:'Flights’ amount:>1000

This filters by both columns at once, so you’re able to see all flight transactions that were over $1,000.

With all the qualifiers and operators available for reporting, the possibilities are endless! Have fun slicing and splicing all the data at your fingertips.

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